pipe fittings pressure pipeline and forming process method

pipe fittings pressure pipeline and forming process method

Force pipeline portfolio pipe adjacent to the works of two or more need to connect through on-site welding pipe fittings (pipe) design, processing and assembly as a whole.
Pipe is an important accessory to connect the pressure pipe systems, field welding methods they use to connect, but because of the complexity of the scene, poor welding environment, welding quality is not guaranteed, and thus to the security of a lot of hidden dangers. Fittings, pressure pipe combination will not only reduce the workload of field welding, pipeline system integrity, continuity and consistency, to reduce the safety hazards caused due to welding defects, reducing the pressure on pipeline safety incidents, but also for improving steel utilization, saving resources and costs, speed up the progress of the project and so will bring about greater social and economic benefits. For a combination of pressure pipe fittings from three aspects in-depth analysis and study. First of all, the combination of research and development pressure pipe fittings for the modular design software.
Use VisualBasic6.0 platform of AutoCAD software for secondary development to achieve a combination of pipe fittings of pressure piping modular design. The software has a very important role for improving the universality of the pipe application of the pressure pipe combination, shorten design and manufacturing cycle. Secondly, the combination of fittings on the mechanical properties of pressure piping and numerical analysis.
Three links elbow combination fittings, for example, compare the difference between welding pipe fittings, and the combination of pipe stress and strain, the following conclusions:
⒈ pipe piece combination, the combination of pipe stress in the weld area smooth, small fluctuations.
 ⒉ tube piece combination, the combination of pipe fittings unified structure, the displacement of the tube does not have an impact: on the contrary, the welded structure of the pipe axial and circumferential displacement has a larger impact. ⒊ tube piece combination, had no effect on the tube away from the welding zone. Finally, the combination of pipe forming process and process parameters in-depth discussions and research. A combination of three links Reducer Fittings, for example, through theoretical analysis and calculation, the size of the internal pressure and axial force and the relationship between the forming process, to establish the three links Reducer combination pipe forming process and hydroforming steps, the load path and forming limit, the actual production of a very important guiding significance.

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