Comparative analysis of water supply pipe material and perfo

 Comparative analysis of water supply pipe material and performance 

    Water supply pipe fittings varieties 
    For water supply pipe cast iron pipe. Outdoor sand mold cast iron pipe is mainly used for indoor use galvanized cast iron pipe, can be divided into cold (electric) galvanized and hot dip galvanized two. China has regulations sand casting pipe fittings and cold galvanized cast iron pipe, and gradually eliminated in the June 1, 2000, restrictions the Redu cast iron pipe in the use, and to promote the use of plastic composite pipe, plastic pipe. 
    Therefore, the current use of the pipeline three major categories. The first category is a metal tube, plastic Lined the Redu cast iron pipe, steel pipe, stainless steel tube. The second category is the the plastic complex metal tube, such as plastic complex pipe, aluminum composite pipe. The third type is a plastic tube, such as PP-R (crosslinked polyacrylic high density mesh plastic). The countries also provide for the various involving drinking water pipe tubes and accessories, must have the approval documents of the health sector, may be sold only 
    Water supply pipes commonly used plastic code and meaning: 
    PP polypropylene, high density cross-linked polypropylene mesh engineering plastics, PP-R, PE high density polyethylene PB polybutylene PEX cross-linked polyethylene water supply pipeline performance requirements: as the water supply pipes, the requirements of health, safety, energy-saving and convenient. Test a pipeline should be four aspects to search from. Health: pipes and fittings shall be the human body without any damage. 
    Security: have enough strength and excellent mechanical properties as well as anti-aging, heat performance. 
    Energy saving: smooth wall, corrosion-resistant, small fluid resistance, good insulation properties. Convenient: join, construction convenient, reliable, and to promote the use of might. As to reach the above four requirements, it will harm people's health and property safety of the use. 
    Several water pipes Description: 
    1, plastic composite pipe aluminum plastic composite pipe is the first alternative to cast iron pipe water supply pipe its basic composition should be a five-story, followed by plastic, hot melt adhesive, aluminum alloy, hot melt adhesive, plastic from the inside out. Plastic composite pipe has good insulation properties, and difficult to corrosion of the inner and outer walls, the wall is smooth, fluid resistance;, can be bent, convenient installation and construction. As the water supply pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipe of sufficient strength, such as lateral force is too large, it will affect the strength, it is advised to make Ming pipe construction or buried in the wall, but should not be buried in the ground. Plastic composite pipe connection sleeve type of construction is necessary to rigorous pressure testing, test connections are secure. The second is to prevent the regular vibration, the card sets loose. Third, is the length direction should leave enough installed capacity, so as not to pull off. 
    Plastic complex brass plastic complex brass to copper (copper) for pipe fittings, covered with PE plastic, from comprehensive performance point of view, plastic complex the brass slightly better than the plastic composite pipe. Such as strength better, longer life, better heat resistance. Insulation performance is slightly worse. The high corrosion resistance of pure copper, used for a period of time, the inner surface of a layer of green oxide appears. However, the lifetime of the tube, flow, and the resistance of the fluid, and substantially no effect. Pseudomonas lossless, on human health and the ability to kill certain bacteria. Plastic complex brass installation card sets and two welded, welded more reliable. 
    Brass, stainless steel tube: the type of pipe, in addition to poor thermal insulation properties, other indicators such as strength, durability, resistance to flow, and so good, the set should make the cold water pipe. As for hot water conveyance should add insulation jacket. Connect the main card sets can also be soldered brass. Within slush the galvanizing cast iron pipe: the ordinary galvanized pipe inner wall Boring layer of plastic, it has a corrosion-resistant, small resistance, good performance of thermal insulation, has galvanized pipe high strength characteristics at the same time. This tube is rib connection. 
    Plastic tube: plastic tube as long as the selection of materials to meet the standard requirements, has sufficient strength, life, safety, health. It is the best of all pipe insulation properties. Plastic pipe fusion welding, a high degree of reliability, as long as the correct construction, pipe welding at the pressure test normal, not leakage off.


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